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Thoughtful Weekly Interviews

Nate Webb

Nate Webb

Check us out on The Save the Kids Podcast on Apple Podcasts 

In addition to his weekly podcast, Nate also presents to schools and parent organizations across North America. 

Speaking Engagements

School Assemblies, Parent Programs, District-wide PTA/PTO Associations

We may be in your hometown next!

Here are some dates of upcoming presentations.

August 17: Parent Night in Tooele – Nate Webb

September 8: Assemblies @ Scholar Academy in Tooele – Nate Webb

October 22: Henderson, NV – Nate Webb

November 2 – 4: Lethbridge, Canada Nate Webb

Parent Webinars

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by Brittani Sitar

by Brittani Sitar

Stay tuned for our upcoming webinars.


Nate Webb

Nate is a longtime supporter and protege of Collin and has more than a passing interest in the welfare and mental health of today’s student. 

Nate’s entertaining interactive presentations connect with students, parents and faculty from K-12 and post-secondary audiences. His presentations hold grade school kids mesmerized and his humor appeals to older kids as well. 

As a professional educator and counselor, and from his own life experiences, Nate understands, first-hand, the struggles students face with social media, bullying, and developing healthy habits and attitudes.

Popular Presentations:

  1. Bullies Be Gone: Rising Above Bullies, Looking Past Social Media and Seeing Your Worth:  Nate connects his own experiences with bullies to the shaming found on social media, and looks at how technology is enabling kids to be victims. 
  2. Seeing Your Strength: Giving Kids Confidence to be Their Own Hero:  Nate encourages kids to disassociate their self-worth from arbitrary things (likes and comments on social media) and helps them see they’re so much more!
Nick Sales

Nick Sales

We’re losing too many kids, both figuratively (with mind numbing addictions) and literally (because of the rising rates of suicide among teenagers). Nick (who owns a video production company) sees the growing number of kids who want to become YouTubers and social media influencers. He helps students focus less on that and how many likes they’re getting and more on building a legacy by developing their skills and talents to actually make a difference and do good in the world. 

His hilarious and informative presentations keep students engaged but also shares an important message that helps solve the problem of increased anxiety and depression that comes from smart phones, social media and video game use. 

Popular Presentations:

  1. Likes vs. Legacy: Nick helps kids understand the dangers of anxiety and depression, pornography, online predators, and bullies that come from untethered access to the internet. His presentation helps them focus their attention on what is really important in life. 
  2. Save the Parents:  In this keynote Nick addresses the parents and explains that giving your kid a smartphone without teaching them how to use it properly is like giving them keys to a motorcycle without teaching them how to drive it. He instructs parents on how to teach their kids about screens, technology, social media and the internet. 
Kordell Norton

Cordell Norton

Kordell has been a professional speaker for 20 years, presenting to educators, corporations, government, and associations internationally. As a member of the Board of the Save the Kids Foundation, and father of 8 children (15 grandchildren), he is highly vested in the addictive nature of cell phones, social media, games and the negative impacts on the mental and physical health of today’s youth. 

Kordell was named one of the “Favorite Speakers” of North America by Meetings & Conventions magazine. His highly interactive style is entertaining, humorous, and jam-packed with great information. 

Popular Presentations:

  1. You Are Incredible! – Insights from Hisotry and How YOU can Make a Huge Dent in the Universe:  Here he takes students on a journey of how history was changed by a few key unknowns, and the lessons that kids today can use to distance from phones, video gaming and social media and their own unique abilities to “make a dent” in the Universe. 
  2. The Real World Matrix for Today’s Teens – The Four Lies of Teen Addiction and the Five Methods to Escape them:  In this presentation, he talks about how cell phones, social media and games are being used against your best interest. 
  3. Your Kids…Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid:  A frank conversation with parents about giving your kid a “loaded gun” (cell phone) and what’s REALLY going on behind your back.
Brittani 1

Brittani Sitar

Brittani has a master degree ini Clinical Psychology and has studied addiction for 14 years. She had owned her own treatment center in Las Vegas, and is currently a consultant, counselor, and content creator in Chicago, IL. In 2020, she saw the impact the pandemic had on mental health and the shift in accessibility to technology in both homes and schools as the world moved to a tech-based operation. 

Her webinars and presentations uncover how technology is impacting young brains and increasing mental health issues, suicide and body image probelms in our youth. Her goal is to help parents, schools, and kids implement a plan to use safe technology in the home, set healthy boundaries, model healthy behavior, and know when to seek help from a professional. 

She can tailor presentations to your needs: whether assembly style for students or over several weeks in a workshop format for parents.