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Inspire Deeper Family Connections

Deepening Family Connections is a great concept – what parent doesn’t want that for their family? How many moms feel guilty about herself as a parent due to work obligations, illness, or a simple lack of knowledge on how to relate to her child? 

Everyone at Save the Kids understands this emotion, and so did Collin.  That’s why he promoted the 8-Second Hug and Look Up – to give you two ways to begin that journey toward a deeper connection.

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8 Second Hugs

How many times have you asked your child about their day and you heard a grunt, or “it was okay” or a plead to leave them alone? When you hear that, don’t get mad, or shy away… say “okay, I’m here when you want to talk” and say “hey, before I go, give me a hug.”  And then just do it.  Wrap your arms around them even if they won’t move… count 8 seconds and say “I Love you.”  That’s it!  You’ve just accomplished Collin’s most treasured concepts! 

Then… repeat when you get a chance.  The more you do it, the more likely one day they’ll do it back! And that hug – it WILL change their day!

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Look Up!

Have you walked down the street and seen children and adults alike walking with their eyes on their phone?  Do you chuckle as someone almost hits a pole or another person?  What about at home? Are you all at the dinner table with a fork in one hand and your phone in the other? 

Well it’s time for a breather! LOOK UP from that phone! Look at the world around you. 

At Save the Kids, we have some things that WE do to Look Up!

Here are some great ideas on how to do the above, and what we’re doing to Reach Out! as well:

8-Second Hugs!

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Here are some ideas:

  1. Before you leave for the day, give everyone a hug.
  2. When you arrive home, give everyone a hug – no matter how bad your day was.
  3. When your children fight, allow them to be angry, but have them hug before they go their own way. 
  4. Get your child to say with you: “I’m Strong, I’m Loved and I’ll always be enough!”

Look Up!

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Try This:

  1. Designate 1-2 hours/day when no phone use is allowed.
  2. No phones at the dinner table.
  3. No phones in their bedroom after a certain hour, or when sleeping.
  4. On the weekend, PLAN a time to just BE together – whether a walk around the neighborhood, playing in the yard, getting ice cream, planning a playdate with friends with no phone use allowed.
  5. Find a cause you feel strongly about and volunteer an hour a weekend. 
  6. Get a pair of binoculars and look for animals and birds at the park.
  7. Tell your children about your relatives, your heritage, ancestors. Bring out old pictures. 
  8. Take time to pray for people you know are ill or experience struggles. 

Reach Out!

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Here's what we're doing this year:

  1. Turkey give-away is back in 2022! 
  2. We’re fundraising to help organizations to afford our presentations.
  3. Heading to Tooele, Henderson, and Lethbridge Canada to help more children and parents!
  4. Spreading another one of Collin’s big messages on billboards:
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