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Improve Mental Health and Address Bullying

Collin spoke to hundreds of schools, parents, educators and communities about the negative impact that screentime, social media, gaming, and pornography has on our children.  Nate Webb has graciously taken on the task of keeping this podcast going with his passion for spreading the word and helping to improve the mental health of all the children in this world. 

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I’m just here to spread kindness. I help kids get over bullies, get off social media, and love their lives. I bring in specialists from all wakes of life and we are here to help everyone live in a world where kindness is king.

Most Recent Audio:

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Brittani Sitar

Brittani 1

Brittani is a therapist and a entrepreneur who has developed and presented impactful programs to children in grades 5-12 and their parents for over 10 years. 

5-12 Grade Kids Topics Include:

Social media influence
Body Image & Self Respect
Positive Peer Groups
Bullying/Cyber Bullying
Reporting misconduct
Communicating with parents
and more…

Parent Topics Include:

  • Social media for kids
  • Brain Development
  • Trust
  • Risk and Reward
  • Parental controls on electronic devices
  • How to have discussions with their teen on these topics.
  • Relationships
  • When to seek professional help

Want to schedule Brittani to speak to your children or parent group? Contact us HERE and we can discuss the topic, date and time!