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Staff Members

Elizabeth (Liz) Brown

Elizabeth (Liz) Brown Executive Director

Liz has been with Save the Kids from the beginning.  She worked together with Collin behind the scenes coordinating, marketing, and preparing the paperwork that formed Collin’s vision to save kids into a legal nonprofit entity. After his untimely passing, she has managed to keep his message out there by recruiting more speakers who have the same values and passion for helping families navigate the tech world of cell phone and social media use. 

A mother of two, she’s blessed to have learned directly from Collin and works tirelessly to keep his message in the forefront of everything they do. If you’d like to connect with LIz, contact her at 


Brea Quinn Marketing / Social Media Coordinator

Brea worked briefly with Collin before he passed away and has relentlessly created content and posts to keep his message alive. She’s a mother of two and has a degree in marketing. She truly enjoys creating posts for everyone to learn from, and working with all the speakers to provide the best available information for our followers!

Brittani 1

Brittani Sitar Staff Psychologist / Content Writer / Webinar Host

Brittani has a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and has studied addiction for 14 years.  Beginning in counseling, moving into administration, starting her own treatment center, and becoming a consultant and content creator for programs, Brittani has a wide range of experience in the clinical field.

In 2020, Brittani saw the impact that the pandemic had on mental health and the shift in accessibility to technology in both homes and schools as the world moved to a tech-based operation. This began a journey for her to uncover how technology is impacting young brains and increasing mental health issues, suicide, and body image in our youth. 

Brittani’s goal is to spread awareness to parents, schools, and kids on how to implement safe technology in the home, set healthy boundaries, model healthy behavior, and know when to seek help from a professional. 

Her expertise is based on my many years of studying brain development and the impact chemical addiction and process addiction have during development. Technology is a form of process addiction; however, it continues to be ignored when considering the diagnosis of anxiety, depression, ADHD, and suicide in our youth. Her goal is to educate the public on these issues and address them at their roots, which are homes and schools.